Feeder Watchers

We're grateful for the extra eyes on feeders across the area within the North Bay count circle for each Christmas Bird Count. As a feeder watcher, your mission is to count and record the birds that come to your feeder on count day - Saturday December 17, 2022. 

Recording your bird count:


  1. The highest number of birds seen at one time, of each species, on count day. So, if you see 3 chickadees at the feeder together in the morning, and then later in the day 4 chickadees are seen together, 4 is the number to report
    – not 7. This is important – we are collecting data!
  2. The total length of time birds were counted on count day. You can choose how much time and when you wish to count, just report the total time.

Since we are collecting data, correct identification is very important! If you get an unusual or rare bird, please be prepared to back up your claim, or have an experienced birder from the club help you verify it. If you've spotted a rare visitor at your feeder, a photograph is ideal!


When you are done your count for the day, simply email or telephone your results to:


Lori Anderson, compiler




If you submit by email, Lori will send you a copy of the totals once the final numbers are compiled. 

Photo by Kaye Edmonds


How can I tell if I'm within the count circle? 

Here's a link to the map to check. If you're near the circle boundary and it isn't clear, email Lori - she's happy to check your exact address!


Thank you for your help in providing this year's data set for Canada's Christmas Bird Count!

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