Bird Wing

Bird Wing is a branch of the Nipissing Naturalists devoted to the enjoyment and study of birds. All Club members are welcome to join Bird Wing for a nominal additional $5 membership fee.

Upcoming Meetings

Bird Wing meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, except December. But just like the birds, we move around, to find the best conditions!

Laporte's Nursery - September to November 2018

Laporte's has kindly offered us a temporary meeting space while the library is being renovated. Thank you, Laporte's!

North Bay Public Library Auditorium (January - April)

We'll be back in our regular meeting spot for January through April!

Summer outings meetup - Northgate Mall parking lot


During the warmer months, we meet outdoors at the parking lot outside of the former Sears at Northgate Mall.

Past Reports